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About LRD The Company

LRD The Company is Laredo's 1st Commercial Dance Program.  We focus and train in most urban dance styles, and we prepare our dancers for the commercial dance industry.

We have other dance programs within LRD The Company, like The Studio, The Company, LRD Crew, and LRD JUNIOR Crew.

Check them out!

Join LRD The Company and Transform Your Performance Quality and Technique



Our dance space is a safe space.  All of our dancers are taught and encouraged to be supportive of one another.  At LRD, we practice kindness and friendship in order to build strong bonds with each other.  We understand that a team that loves & accepts each other, can truly succeed at anything.


Hip Hop culture is all about community and unity, and that is why we value such a culture at LRD The Company.


Train at a more professional level in each of our programs, and participate in very exciting projects like our end-of-year dance production, dance music videos choreographed and directed by the best in the industry, take masterclasses  by famous instructors and choreographers, and participate in local events/performances.  Artistic and technical growth is guaranteed.



A dancer's growth and full development ultimately depends on the dancer's devoted time and hard work invested into their craft.  We will give you all of the necessary tools to grow as a dancer, and with our guidance and dedication, you can reach your greatest potential as a dancer.  Trust the process!

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